Programs @ GBU

DBS01 PG Diploma (Pali Language and Literature) Details
DC01 Diploma in Reliability Availability and Safety Details
DC02 Diploma in Prognostics and Health Management Details
DC03 Diploma in Maintenance Engineering Details
DCC01 Post Graduate Diploma (Cyber Security) Details
DCR01 Master of Technology (RAMS and Maintenance Engineering Details
DCR02 Diploma (Reliability Availability and Safety) Details
DCR03 Diploma (Prognostics and Health Management) Details
DCR04 Diploma (Maintenance Engineering) Details
DH02 Diploma in Urdu Language (Part-Time, Non- Residential) Details
DHS01 Post Graduate Diploma (English Language Teaching) Details
DHS02 Post Graduate Diploma (Creative Writing) Details
DHS03 Post Graduate Diploma(Guidance and Counseling) Details
DHS04 Post Graduate Diploma (Forensic Neuropsychology) Details
DI01 Advanced Diploma in Big Data Analytics (Collaboration with NIELIT) Details
DVS01 Post Graduate Diploma (Environmental Management) Details
DVS02 Post Graduate Diploma (Polyurethane Technology) Details
DVS03 Post Graduate Diploma (Environmental Law and Policy) Details
DVS04 Post Graduate Diploma (Renewable Energy Technologies) Details
DVS05 Post Graduate Diploma (Mathematical Methods for Environmental Applications) Details
DVS06 Post Graduate Diploma (Food Safety and Quality Management) Details
DVS07 Post Graduate Diploma (Food Science and Technology) Details
PGBS01 PG Diploma in Pali Language and Literature (Part-Time) Details
PGBS02 PG Diploma in Buddhist Tourism and Heritage (Part-Time) Details
PGH01 PG Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT) (Part-Time, Non -Residential) Details
PGH03 PG Diploma in Forensic Neuropsychology (PGDFNP) Details
PGH04 PG Diploma in Creative Writing (Part-Time, Non-Residential) Details
PGL01 PG Diploma in Economic Laws Details
PGV01 PG Diploma in Environment Management (PGDEM) (Full Time / Working Professional) Details
PGV02 PG Diploma in Polyurethane Technology (Full Time) Details
PGV03 PG Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy (PGDELP) (Full Time (FT) / Working Professional (WP)) Details
PGV04 PG Diploma in Renewable Energy Technologies (PGDRET) (Full Time) Details
PGV05 PG Diploma in Mathematical Methods for Environmental Applications (PGDMMEA) (Full Time) Details
PGV06 PG Diploma in Food Safety and Quality Management (PGDFSQM) (Full Time) Details
PGV07 PG Diploma in Food Science & Technology (PGDFST) (Full Time) Details
PHG02 PG Diploma in Guidance & Counseling (PGDGC) Details